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Senior Care Pharmacist Consulting in St. Louis

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HbL PharmaConsulting is a unique service that provides personalized medication consultations. We provide one-on-one expert advice regarding the safe and effective use of prescription and nonprescription medicines. Information is tailored to each client’s unique needs.

HbL PharmaConsulting promotes the safe and effective use of medications by working with patients and their physicians toward more effective drug therapy.

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Announcing My Book!

Assess Your Medication Risk

Are you at risk of having a medication-related problem? HbL PharmaConsulting is a unique service that provides one-on-one expert advice on the use of medications that are prescribed by doctors or purchased without a prescription, such as vitamins and supplements. Complete our questionnaire today.

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About The Service

The expertise of a geriatric pharmacist provides reassurance about how to correctly take medicines, monitor for side effects, and identify important medication concerns. Each client receives a complete medication review and a written summary of information following the consultation.

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Common Questions

Fortunately, many medicated-related problems can be prevented with proper monitoring, education and review of all aspects of medication use.  Consultations are provided by certified geriatric pharmacist and pharmacotherapy specialist, Hedva Levy, PharmD BCPS BCGP.

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