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COVID-19 or Not, Take Care of Yourself and Your Medications

These are unusual times and it’s stressful. In a world with many unknowns and so much that we cannot control, it is important for each of us to take personal responsibility for things we can control. To maximize our health at all times in our lives—not just during this novel coronavirus scare—we must not forget to take care of our bodies, which includes being mindful to take our medications regularly. Other healthy behaviors are integral, too, but beyond the scope of this blog:  eat a healthy, balanced diet; drink plenty of water; get sufficient sleep each night; get regular exercise—or any kind of physical activity; don’t smoke; and limit alcohol intake.  

Older adults and others considered high-risk because of chronic illnesses or suppressed immune system need to take extra precaution and isolate as much as possible. Face masks are our new friends. With smart medication use on my mind, here are seven tips and reminders that are in your control:

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Four Rules for Choosing Cough and Cold Products 

It is that time of year again, when the common cold—a virus—becomes more common.  Hopefully, you wash your hands frequently, cough into your elbow, and drink plenty of fluids to help prevent getting sick.  However, for most people, catching a cold will be unavoidable this winter.  Many people seek nonprescription drug therapy to reduce the bothersome symptoms of stuffy nose, scratchy throat, runny nose, watery eyes, and cough.  Older adults often take other medicines or have underlying medical conditions and thus must be extra careful in choosing the right cough and cold products.  Drug interactions and adverse drug effects must be everyone’s first concern.  This blog will summarize the good and bad about the different nonprescription cough and cold products and provide tips for how to choose a safe and effective product.

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Know Your Medicines:  The Basics 

October is American Pharmacists Month.  This is the perfect month – actually, any month is the perfect month – to stop and think about the medicines you take every day.  What kinds of things do you need to know about your medicines to take them safely, take them correctly, and prevent medication errors? 

HbL PharmaConsulting promotes “8 Things to Know about Your Medications,” listed below.  Many of you already might know this information about each of your medicines.  However, if you don’t or if you know only some of these 8 points, it never is too late to ask more specific questions.  Pharmacists are medication experts and can help you understand your prescription and nonprescription medicines. 

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What Can Your Pharmacist Do for You?

Who should you turn to with questions about your medicines? The answer is your pharmacist.  But you may not be familiar with what your pharmacist can do for you. Your doctor and your pharmacist are a powerful team, working to ensure the best selection and management of your prescription and nonprescription medicines.

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